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When style creative Talyah Shooster determined to pursue her dreams of a career in fashion and to engage her wanderlust, she became a full-time blogger.

She aspires to encourage and equip women to be true to themselves and the style that inspires them. The Talyah Eden blog is the result of her passion. This fashion destination offers inventive looks that make high fashion accessible as a daily expression of personality.

Talyah has quickly established a loyal following and readership and has big plans for the future of the blog and her business. The Talyah Eden blog offers a peek into a life of fashion and design that also remains real and honest about life. It is ever-growing while remaining true to Talyah’s stylistic basis of feminine chic.

As a wife, mother and businesswoman, Talyah thrives on the challenge of creating beautiful content and sharing her sartorial knowledge and skills. The blog has a way of showing it’s readers exactly what they want to see and awakening the reader’s creativity.

Talyah has created a stunning world of effortless style, both in wardrobe and interiors. Her carefully curated content is the perfect combination of romantic, ethereal and fun.

As a young girl raised in rural Oklahoma, I discovered I held an affinity most unlikely for my surroundings: fashion. I found myself wearing high heels to my small town, country high school and often staying up all night redecorating my small bedroom, fantasizing of one day restoring a historic home. As an avid reader I constantly dreamt of traveling to faraway places and experiencing the fashions, food and smells of destinations worldwide.

Since then, I have spent many hours exploring and cultivating my personal style.

After high school I pursued my interest in studying Interior Design and moved to Denver to attend art school.

My career in fashion started with personal and wardrobe styling and has grown into so much more. After my son was born, I desired a career that I was passionate about while allowing me to spend most of my time as a mother. By the time my daughter arrived in 2014, I was ready to transition into blogging full-time.

I absolutely adore what I do; not only am I able to put family first, I am also able to travel, express myself creatively and develop relationships with my wonderful readers.

I like to describe my sartorial style as a blend of “classic Parisian” and “modern American woman” with a 60’s flair. I enjoy the coming-and-going of trends but recognize the classics as the life of any wardrobe.

I am married to Sam, a fellow entrepreneur who doubles as my part-time photographer and travel buddy. We have two children here on earth, a son named Judah and a daughter named Ayelet (Aya for short), and an angel in heaven named Li-el Ava.

We live in the truly stunning state of Colorado and enjoy all that it has to offer both in the beauty of the Rocky Mountains and the hustle and bustle of Historic Downtown Denver.

We love community and experiencing new things as a family and recently realized my lifelong dream of having a historic home when we bought a 100 year old Victorian. What an experience renovating it has been!

I love connecting with my readers so feel free to leave me a question, comment or send me an email!


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