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Spring Refresh: Beauty

With this weekend officially being spring, I’m excited to “re-set” and prepare for warmer weather. Makeup trends are fun to explore with the change of a season but the foundation to a fresh and beautiful face is your skin. As the weather changes, so does my skin, and I love preparing it to looks (and feel) its best. Here are four of the products I will be using a lot of over the next few days to prep my skin for spring.


The Spring Snow Day

It snowed today. Cold, wet, sticky snowflakes slowly fell to the ground and accumulated in wet slush. It was pretty, and bone chilling, and made me ache for spring. The silver lining to days like this is that I get to wear some of my winter outfits that I “ran out of time for”. This look is one that I have been wanting to share for a while and today did offer me an opportunity; which I seized without hesitation.


Spring Refresh: Flare Legs

This is my third installment of my Spring Refresh guide and the last one dealing with fashion. From here on out, my remaining Spring Refresh posts will include topics like beauty and organizing (yay!) Before we move on though, I have to share one of my favorite pieces for spring…flared pants. Specifically denim, but it looks great in a pair of black or patterned pants as well. I do think a basic blue denim wash is a staple for spring though.


5 Ways to Survive the Day

You know those days where everything is just a struggle?  There may not even be a “good reason” for it but it’s just how it is…you feel yourself lagging and all of your energy is simply gone. We all have them. The good news is that there is something you can do! There typically is something causing you to feel blaze’ and even if you don’t know what it is, trying some or all of these steps often fixes the problem.

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Spring Refresh: 70’s Color Scheme

There are some trends that are guaranteed to always be a part of spring fashion. White, pastels, and florals are all trends that are spring staples. There is one trend that is not “ordinary” for this season and I am loving it! You’ve probably seen me mention that the 60’s and 70’s are making a serious comeback and the “spring refresh” I’m sharing in this post is straight out of the 70’s.

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Spring Refresh: The Floral Blouse

Spring is showing her sweet, pretty self here in Denver. I hear birds out my window while I work and can smell the scent of new growth on the breeze while I enjoy the sunshine. I know that soon the trees will begin to sprout brave little buds and delicate blades of grass will begin their journey through the soil.

Home Decor Life

Life Lately

I’ll be honest…sometimes it is intimidating knowing what to share with all of you. Fashion and my style is what got me started on this crazy wonderful journey and career but it has evolved into so much more. The hard part is knowing what my readers will actually enjoy; how much about my life do you actually want to see and know and at what point is it just annoying? haha.


The Yellow Dress

As the days start to warm up a bit I am drawn evermore to spring colors. When Shabby Apple asked me to pick out a dress of theirs…I knew I wanted something bright and cheery. It doesn’t get cheerier than a pale lemon dress. I am sometimes intimidated to wear yellow but when I do I am reminded that it is a fabulous color. I think the pattern of this dress really helps break up the color and adds more interest while keeping the yellow from being overpowering.


The Textured Sweater

I have a few favorite ways to make an outfit more visually interesting and one of them is texture. There are various ways to incorporate texture for all seasons but when its cold outside I love a textured sweater. Cozy and fun, they instantly add depth and detail to a look. It doesn’t get much easier than throwing on a sweater. I always recommend spending your time shopping for the right pieces so that you don’t have to spend your time trying to figure out what to wear each day.


Instagram Q & A

Around the time that we moved into our new (but very old) house, I asked my readers and followers to comment on my Instagram with any questions they had for me. Things were extremely chaotic with the move and then I started experiencing some technical difficulties that culminated in my taking a few months away from blogging while my new site was designed.