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The White Sneaker

One shoe that everyone needs in their collection is a basic white sneaker. Especially being a mother, I need options that are practical, comfortable and stylish. A classic sneaker (especially in white) can be worn with a surprising variety of looks. I love to throw them on with a great pair of jeans but they look great paired with dresses and skirts as well. White goes with literally everything but probably my favorite color to wear with my sneaks is black.

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The Victorian Top

Some days are just magical. I’m really not sure exactly what it is that makes them so; it’s just that everything feels right, and special, and perfect. The day I wore this look was one of those days. Sam and I were in New York so immediately I was enjoying myself. I wanted to feel chic strolling down Madison Ave. so, of course, I chose black and white. We hopped into a cab bright and early headed to Ralph Lauren. It was just outside of their store that we took these pictures.

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The White Mesh Swimsuit

There are three primary things about these pictures that I love; the first thing is that they were taken right after we swam in the open ocean with wild Spinner dolphins. This fact should explain my salty, scrunchy hair, tied into something resembling a knot, and lack of makeup. When on the ocean and swimming with dolphins I already feel beautiful and alive…who needs makeup? The second is the fact that they are unedited (except for adjusting the light a bit).

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The Lace Skirt

While the weather is still a little chilly…or a lot depending on where your live…Spring is just around the corner. I love dressing for Spring because it inspires my favorite color palette. Blush pinks, creams, grays and blues…they all speak to me of Spring. Since the season is not quite upon us, I like to ease my wardrobe into it by combining my lighter colors and pieces with darker ones.


The Polished Woman

When it comes to looking put together, there are a handful of pieces that the women who know how to build a polished outfit and wardrobe definitely have in their closets. These are the wardrobe pieces that are the basis of any classic outfit and will serve you over and over again for years. They are chameleon pieces that go from one outfit to the next, finishing the look off perfectly. Having these key pieces makes getting dressed and looking sharp easy and hassle free.

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The Romantic Dress

A love the way a dress makes me feel. When wearing a pretty dress I feel both young and womanly. There’s something romantic and obviously feminine about a dress. Its classic and I adore it. I love wearing pants as well, I’m not all dresses and skirts, but I feel right at home in a delicate frock with a little flounce and movement to it. When selecting looks for our trip to New York, I knew this dress would be accompanying me.

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The Duster Cardigan

On our last day in New York City, the hubby and I decided to do a little exploring at The Highline. We only had a couple of hours before we had to head to the airport to catch our flight home but we made them count by checking out this great new spot of the city. Since our next stop was a long flight home, I made sure I was comfortably dressed. The two key pieces in this look I purchased on major discount during the Nordstrom Anniversary Event in the fall.

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The Perfect Cream Sweater

Have you ever had that moment when you saw a piece of clothing and you were immediately drawn to it because it so perfectly communicated an aspect of your personality? Well that was the moment I had when I saw this sweater. I know it sounds a little dramatic but you wouldn’t think so if you had experienced alongside me the frustration of finding a perfect, beige sweater. Of course…I had to fly to Hawaii (the Big Island to be exact) to finally find it.

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The Blue Tunic Dress

Going out for dinner and drinks in New York City is truly one of my favorite things. When the sun has just gone down and the streets are aglow from the city lights…there is a little magic in it. It feels timeless and while the city is far from still, there is a kind of warmth in the atmosphere that I find comforting at the end of the daylight hours.


2016 Resolutions

When it comes to New Year’s Resolutions, growth and progress are my goals. By that I mean that I think we often set very specific resolutions and then when we fail to keep them perfectly, we give up, feel defeated, and end up worse off than we were before.
I just don’t do it that way. For me, my resolutions are of course things that I want to work on and change about my life, but I go in with the expectation that it will not be perfect.