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“Midweek Treat”

It’s hard to constantly keep up with caring for your skin amiright? As a mother, wife, business owner, friend, leader, cook, life organizer and housekeeper…its even harder. I also find that amid my busy schedule, it is difficult to carve out down time for “me”. So…I have come up with a plan; introducing “Midweek Treat”!





The idea, is every Wednesday evening, I’ll take some much-needed “me time” in the form of trying out a new face mask, beauty product, etc. and I’ll do it live on Instagram so I can review it with you in live time.

But I’m not limiting my treats to skincare or beauty products…I’ll include reviews of the wine or infused water I’ll be drinking each segment and even the p.j.’s or loungewear I’ll be wearing during the video.

Basically, it’s a way for me to commit to unwinding on a weekly basis, taking better care of my skin, sharing my finds with you, and creating a wonderful opportunity for you, my readers, to interact and ask me questions in real time.

I’m excited to see how this thing takes shape! I’m starting the segment tomorrow evening so stay tuned on my Insta to see what time I will be going live!


Hope to see you there!




*photos are not mine but pulled from Pinterest

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