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“Midweek Treat”

It’s hard to constantly keep up with caring for your skin amiright? As a mother, wife, business owner, friend, leader, cook, life organizer and housekeeper…its even harder. I also find that amid my busy schedule, it is difficult to carve out down time for “me”.

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Spring Refresh: Beauty

With this weekend officially being spring, I’m excited to “re-set” and prepare for warmer weather. Makeup trends are fun to explore with the change of a season but the foundation to a fresh and beautiful face is your skin. As the weather changes, so does my skin, and I love preparing it to looks (and feel) its best. Here are four of the products I will be using a lot of over the next few days to prep my skin for spring.


Moody Color

Sometimes I just feel like wearing a serious punch of color and then standing in front of a crazy colorful wall because…that’s just what bloggers do.
In all seriousness, I truly enjoy color. For years I primarily wore gray and black with very little color. Now don’t get me wrong, I still adore gray and black, but I noticed that while I do like those colors my shopping tendencies were greatly influenced by my overall mood.