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Life as a Texan

We did it! We moved to Texas. Growing up only three hours from Dallas, I had a decent idea of what to expect in many ways; the heat, the humidity, the ungodly size of the bugs…none of these have been a surprise. I also was very familiar with how much “nicer” people in this part of the country are. Don’t get me wrong, Texas has a lot of “nice-nasty” and comparison going on as well, but generally people are far nicer than they are even in Denver.



The new year has officially arrived…and with it a plethora of New Year’s resolutions and goals posts. While this post is most certainly in the same vein, it is also a little different; more complex than that. I want to be quite transparent. I want to be transparent because I don’t think that this journey I am taking will be successful without a new level of transparency. I want to talk about my work.

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“Midweek Treat”

It’s hard to constantly keep up with caring for your skin amiright? As a mother, wife, business owner, friend, leader, cook, life organizer and housekeeper…its even harder. I also find that amid my busy schedule, it is difficult to carve out down time for “me”.


I’ve Been Doing a Lot of Thinking

Seriously, a lot of thinking. I have had five months to think. That is a long time. It is a long time to not be working. A long time to not be blogging. A long time to think. If you have no idea what I am talking about, I’ll catch you up to speed…
If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you probably noticed that I stopped posting in March. I have not published a blog post of any kind since March.

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Spring Refresh: Wardrobe

It is officially spring! That means that this is the last of my “Spring Refresh” installment. The snow here in Denver is starting to melt off and the sun has come back out to play. I, on the other hand, have been spending the last few days seriously editing my closet in preparation for spring. I love being organized. Unfortunately my INJF personality causes me to be simultaneously organized and messy in various ways.

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Life Lately

I’ll be honest…sometimes it is intimidating knowing what to share with all of you. Fashion and my style is what got me started on this crazy wonderful journey and career but it has evolved into so much more. The hard part is knowing what my readers will actually enjoy; how much about my life do you actually want to see and know and at what point is it just annoying? haha.


Instagram Q & A

Around the time that we moved into our new (but very old) house, I asked my readers and followers to comment on my Instagram with any questions they had for me. Things were extremely chaotic with the move and then I started experiencing some technical difficulties that culminated in my taking a few months away from blogging while my new site was designed.


2016 Resolutions

When it comes to New Year’s Resolutions, growth and progress are my goals. By that I mean that I think we often set very specific resolutions and then when we fail to keep them perfectly, we give up, feel defeated, and end up worse off than we were before.
I just don’t do it that way. For me, my resolutions are of course things that I want to work on and change about my life, but I go in with the expectation that it will not be perfect.