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Life as a Texan

We did it! We moved to Texas. Growing up only three hours from Dallas, I had a decent idea of what to expect in many ways; the heat, the humidity, the ungodly size of the bugs…none of these have been a surprise. I also was very familiar with how much “nicer” people in this part of the country are. Don’t get me wrong, Texas has a lot of “nice-nasty” and comparison going on as well, but generally people are far nicer than they are even in Denver.

Current Favorites Fashion

I’ve Gone Vintage

Fashion. It’s fun…or at least it should be. One of my favorite things about it is how old trends come back around and are given new life. I honestly feel like an actress at times, when a vintage style comes back “in” and I get to wear it; like I’m playing the part of someone from that particular era. It is just plain fun and feeds into my romantic, history-loving spirit. With that in mind, I am fully embracing some of this season’s trends.


A Very Basic Giveaway

Well, it’s here, fashion’s favorite season…fall. Instead of celebrating by kicking it off with a fashion forward, Paris Fashion Week worthy look, I put something deliciously “basic” together. I couldn’t bring myself to wear Uggs for a shoot, I tried but I just couldn’t do it; and the Starbucks drink is in fact a Caramel Apple Spice, not the famed PSL because, well…I think they taste like crap.