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Technology hates me. I’m convinced. I cannot figure out why my pictures are turning out blurry. They are beautiful and sharp and clear when we take them and edit them but as soon as I upload them to the blog…they get a little fuzzy. I know it isn’t really all that bad but I am a bit of a perfectionist and it is seriously driving me mad. It is one of the reasons that I have not been posting as frequently the past month. The good news is that my fabulous photographer will be back soon from her adventuring travels and she should be able to get me straightened out on what is happening. I love everything about blogging except having to problem solve tech issues…just not my forte’. I’ll stick to putting together lovely looks for now.








Sweater and Bralette are c/o Evereve | Jeans | Boots | Lips in Heirloom (10% off your purchase with code HAPPINESS10

After a stressful and hectic week (Aya is going through a clingy “momma” stage where she only has eyes for me) it was wonderful to be able to check out Evereve. Evereve is a fabulous boutique and style destination geared toward busy mothers who want to look stylish and put together on a daily basis.

I popped in to pick out a couple of looks and it could not have been a more fun experience. I was even short on time and when I told the lovely ladies assisting me that I only had about 20-30 mins…they went to work! They were incredibly accommodating and it was seriously impressive how quickly they styled about 10 different outfits for me to choose from! Talk about the royal treatment and let’s be honest, what Momma wouldn’t enjoy that?!
Everyone was so friendly and personable and the clothes themselves are perfect. The perfect combination of comfortable, practical and stylish. They have a great variety of fall geared pieces with plenty of plaid, fringe and fur. The store itself is bright and organized. It was so nice to feel like I was in an upscale department store while receiving such personal styling and having such a variety of price range and clothing options.
Evereve is unveiling their new Denver location TOMORROW! (9/23)
I was pretty thrilled to hear the news as this new store will be much closer to my new neighborhood. I will definitely be stopping in on a regular basis! They recently expanded the sizing they carry which means they have my size in denim and they carry all of my favorite brands. Comfortable, well-fitted denim is a must for me so I am glad to know where to get just that.
Not only do I love the pieces they offer but I so appreciate their mentality toward moms. They truly are passionate about helping us look and, more importantly, FEEL beautiful. Every mother deserves to feel beautiful every day and it warms my heart to see companies embracing the message and making it a reality!
I actually purchased another look from them that I will be wearing on the blog soon and I really can’t wait to share it. It involves some of my most favorite pieces for this fall yet!
Stay tuned for that and be sure to check out the new Denver Evereve tomorrow!
~What makes you feel beautiful?~



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