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If I were in Paris…

There is rarely ever a time that I am not missing Paris. While I’ve only been there once, I have visited it many times over the years through books, music, and memories. While I love my life, I love daydreaming about what I would be doing if I were living in the city of lights. So…what would I be doing if I were there and had the day to myself?


1. I would get up with the sun, wrap myself in a blanket, and watch the sun rise from my french style balcony. I would slowly wake up there, taking it all in while sipping a cup of coffee and reading. The locals would start to wake and the little street would start to fill with cars, people, sounds, and smells as the day began.



2. I’d layer up with warm, classic, basics, complete with an overcoat and scarf and set out to enjoy the city. Next would be petit dejeuner (breakfast) at a local cafe’ where I would order a croissant with butter, fruit, a boiled egg and orange juice. I would enjoy every bite while watching Parisians stroll by on their way to destinations that I would be imagining for them.



3. After breakfast I’d stop into an antique shop to pick up another book to read followed by a quick look at a flower stand for some fresh blooms. (Knowing me, I would more than likely select roses).



{above: me dreaming of macarons}


4. After making my purchases, I would post up along the Seine to write and paint (and maybe even start reading my new book). And let’s be real, I would absolutely ask a stranger to take my picture as I sat by the river.



5. Once afternoon arrived, I would walk over to Odette and order my favorite pastry and tea, enjoying them as well as the view of Notre Dame. Afterward, it would be off to Chanel to window shop.



6. To finish out the day, it would be a small stop by the market on my way home to pick up ingredients for a quick dinner which I would whip up as I listened to music in my apartment. Evenings go late in Paris, so after dinner, it would be another casual stroll through the streets for dessert and champagne at my favorite late-night restaurant. After chatting it up with the waiter and fellow patrons, I would stop to watch the tour de Eiffel sparkle in the moonlight. Then back to my apartment to light a fire in the fireplace and leave the windows open so I could fall asleep to the laughter of everyone on the street below as they enjoyed their own ideal evening.

And that would pretty much be my perfect Parisian day.

~Have you been to Paris? What would be a part of your perfect day there?~


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Au revoir!

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