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We did it! We moved to Texas. Growing up only three hours from Dallas, I had a decent idea of what to expect in many ways; the heat, the humidity, the ungodly size of the bugs…none of these have been a surprise. I also was very familiar with how much “nicer” people in this part of the country are. Don’t get me wrong, Texas has a lot of “nice-nasty” and comparison going on as well, but generally people are far nicer than they are even in Denver. I also anticipated the quiet (and some not so quiet) misogyny and sexism that exists here…




There was an incident literally the week after we moved down where a man old enough to be my father suggested I dress differently in the future so he could have a conversation with me without being distracted.

That sucked.

But I handled it and moved on because there’s nothing wrong with me and my beauty and only he is responsible for controlling him.  Then there’s the plethora of “Gentlemen’s Clubs” and strip clubs and nude bars that come with their massive billboards plastered with adult women dressed as hyper-sexualized little girls. Of course these are positioned off the highway so we see them every time we drive home. And the giant billboard ads advertising plastic surgery with a slogan directed at husbands “promising them younger, hotter wives”.

That is hard for me.  It is hard for me to raise children surrounded by that. Some of it is far more subtle. For example, never once in my almost ten years in Denver did a man pay for my drink because I am attractive. Yeah that happens a lot in Texas, haha. I’m stared at more here and referred  to by all of those condescending pet names men have for young females.

But, it could be worse. I actually expected it to be worse than it has been. Dallas is a very large and very diverse city in all aspects and it isn’t fair or accurate to label it as any one thing. For as many times that I’ve been treated inappropriately as a woman, I haven’t been. I am privileged to be part of a church community here that honors women and their equality beautifully. The people there are a constant encouragement that times are changing and that we are capable of influencing culture for the better in this area.




I have been surprised by a few things here though:

It is actually not as hot as I thought it would be (although we haven’t hit the warmest months yet). But with that, I have learned that my body specifically DOES NOT handle heat well. Apparently I don’t sweat the way I should (which I should pprrrooobbbably see a doc about) so my self-regulating sucks haha. Basically what it boils (no pun intended) down to is that, as much as I love our current house, if we are going to live here for longer than a year or two then I am going to be shopping for a house that has a pool. It is necessary for my long term survival. Kind of. 😉

There is a TON to do here. When we first moved I knew nothing as far as the cool spots go. Now that we’ve been here for a couple of months, we are discovering where to eat, where to shop, where to stop in for coffee, etc. This has helped me so much! And yes, I will be sharing all of my favorite finds very very soon. Dallas is really a very cool city, while before living here I wouldn’t have recommended it as a destination, I would absolutely recommend it as such now!

Something I have been shocked by is the amount of amazing French and Italian restaurants there are here (holla!). Denver was short on these for sure. I love me a good gastro pub but I wanted more than good gastro pubs. Here there is variety and actually delicious variety.

The kids have loved it here. Well, for the most part. You see, bugs barely exist in Colorado. They were born and raised in Colorado. They hardly knew what bugs were before moving here and whoa were they in for a rude awakening! For the first week or two they were TERRIFIED of ants and flies. Oh and mosquitos. Poor things are both allergic to mosquito bites which is bad news considering mosquitos swarm in clouds as dark and thick as the night sky. Okay that might be a bit of an exaggeration but they’re pretty darn bad! Now Judah and Aya are starting to find bugs interesting and less terrifying but occasionally a standard housefly will elicit a scream from Aya if she wasn’t expecting it to buzz by her head.

…aside from the bugs they are very happy. They have friends here that are their ages which they really lacked in Denver. As social as they are, this has been huge for them and I have loved watching them blossom in the area of relationships.

Even Sam has been surprised by how much he enjoys life here (I think he expected the heat to be much worse than it is). There is not a western bone in that man’s body but I’m working on it 😉 The men’s fashion scene here is far more his style and he has so many people here that he adores.

For me, the friendships here have been key. It was hard leaving so many people I love in Denver and this move would have been devastating if it wasn’t for some truly beautiful friends here in Dallas. Community is everything people! And I love mine.

I’ll probably just be boring you if I keep rambling but there is more I want to share soon. I really want to delve deep into why we chose to move and what our plan is going forward.

That is it for now though! As always, you can shop my outfits through the widget below. I appreciate each of you and am so thankful I get to share this big Texan journey with you 😉

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