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Midnight in Paris

Here it is, my first post re-capping our time in Paris! It is going to take a very long time to share everything from that trip but that is okay! It means I have a ton of content and information to share with you. So, whether you hope to one day plan a trip to France or are just curious and living vicariously, it should be fun! I’ll start with a small little post from the night we attended the “nicest” restaurant of our trip


It’s always been a dream of mine to put on a sparkly dress for dinner in Paris.

I loved this sequined shift as soon as I saw it. It is fairly hard to tell but it is a stunning green color and the beaded details are beautiful.



We wanted to find a Michelin star restaurant to try but the options were a little overwhelming so we chose a nice restaurant that came highly recommended by the locals. Something I loved about every restaurant we ate at, this one included, is that no matter how nice they were, they were all cozy and felt down to earth.



After dinner we strolled past Le Tour de Eiffel to see it light up on the hour.



The restaurant was truly exceptional. I had a steak dish that was absolutely incredible and the wine was to die for. They also brought over the largest assortment of cheese I have ever seen. There were probably about twenty cheeses on a tray and we were able to select about three each. This was like heaven on earth for me until I was hit with the most pungent smell I’ve ever encountered. I’ve never met a cheese I didn’t like but there was “something” on this tray that smelled truly, truly horrible. I couldn’t pinpoint which cheese it was though. I simultaneously wanted to taste it and stay as far away from it as possible! Fortunately, every cheese we selected both tasted and smelled wonderful, haha.



When we go back, we definitely will search out a Michelin star restaurant or two but I also recommend leaving some of it up to chance. It is so fun to ask the concierge and various locals what their favorite spots are. I love the adventure of leaving some of the trip to figure out until we’re there. It’s way more fun to interact with the parisians and get their take on all of the best stuff!


I have to run for now, but I can’t wait to share more about our trip!



Dress by Free People | Sandals by Stuart Weitzman


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