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How To Take Kids to New York: Part I

You might ask yourself, “What on earth possessed her to take two very young children to New York City?”
Well, I’ll tell you…they did. If you’ve seen The Secret Life of Pets, then you know it is set in “The Big Apple”. Judah and Aya watching that movie started a barrage of questions about New York which Sam and I were happy to answer and they haven’t stopped asking to visit since.

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Spring Refresh: Wardrobe

It is officially spring! That means that this is the last of my “Spring Refresh” installment. The snow here in Denver is starting to melt off and the sun has come back out to play. I, on the other hand, have been spending the last few days seriously editing my closet in preparation for spring. I love being organized. Unfortunately my INJF personality causes me to be simultaneously organized and messy in various ways.


The Spring Snow Day

It snowed today. Cold, wet, sticky snowflakes slowly fell to the ground and accumulated in wet slush. It was pretty, and bone chilling, and made me ache for spring. The silver lining to days like this is that I get to wear some of my winter outfits that I “ran out of time for”. This look is one that I have been wanting to share for a while and today did offer me an opportunity; which I seized without hesitation.


Spring Refresh: Flare Legs

This is my third installment of my Spring Refresh guide and the last one dealing with fashion. From here on out, my remaining Spring Refresh posts will include topics like beauty and organizing (yay!) Before we move on though, I have to share one of my favorite pieces for spring…flared pants. Specifically denim, but it looks great in a pair of black or patterned pants as well. I do think a basic blue denim wash is a staple for spring though.

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Spring Refresh: 70’s Color Scheme

There are some trends that are guaranteed to always be a part of spring fashion. White, pastels, and florals are all trends that are spring staples. There is one trend that is not “ordinary” for this season and I am loving it! You’ve probably seen me mention that the 60’s and 70’s are making a serious comeback and the “spring refresh” I’m sharing in this post is straight out of the 70’s.