Spring Refresh: Flare Legs

This is my third installment of my Spring Refresh guide and the last one dealing with fashion. From here on out, my remaining Spring Refresh posts will include topics like beauty and organizing (yay!) Before we move on though, I have to share one of my favorite pieces for spring…flared pants. Specifically denim, but it looks great in a pair of black or patterned pants as well. I do think a basic blue denim wash is a staple for spring though. It goes with everything and transitions perfectly out of winter.





Maybe my favorite thing about a 70’s flare leg is just how stylish it is on it’s own. Fit is everything so find a pair that looks good on you and with is structured shape, it is instant chic.



Pro tip: look for a pair that starts its “flare” below the knee as it will elongate your legs.


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I have had this particular pair for 5 (yep, five!) years and I have loved them each and every year. The look great with a tucked-in button up and with a tee shirt. They also look great with a sweater; more fitted like what I’m wearing or a loosely fitting option (just tuck the front of the sweater into the front waistband if you opt for a loose fitting top).





Another thing this style has going for it? Effortlessly transition it by wearing an ankle boot on the cooler days and a sandal or pump on the warmer ones.

One caution: don’t wear too many 60’s and 70’s elements with a flared jean. I mean, if you’re goal is to look like you just left Woodstock, that’s great too! It is a fun look. However, if you are going for a more elegant take on things then save the fringe and floppy brimmed hat for another outfit. Think classic, modern, or romantic and feminine when pairing pieces with a flared leg.

I am currently on the hunt for a pair in a darker wash. I love my black ones that I wore on the blog a few months back but I need a great indigo pair. The ones I’m wearing here were a little darker five years ago as they have faded some (they’ve seen their fair share of the washer and dryer, you can hardly blame them).

Below I’ve curated some of my favorite options so check those out if you’re looking to invest in some for your spring (and forever) wardrobe.

One last pro? Sometimes you can find great flares at a secondhand store since they are “on trend” every couple of years.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the last few spring posts. I am excited to tackle beauty and organizing for spring next!

Stay tuned for more fun tips!


White Sweater | Flare Jeans | Sunglasses | My pink pumps are sold out but here are a few other blush pink pairs I’m loving: Pink with a bowPink with a crisscrossPink with buckles, and Pink with pom pos | Blush Pink Bag

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