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The Blue Tunic Dress

Going out for dinner and drinks in New York City is truly one of my favorite things. When the sun has just gone down and the streets are aglow from the city lights…there is a little magic in it. It feels timeless and while the city is far from still, there is a kind of warmth in the atmosphere that I find comforting at the end of the daylight hours. The city is saying goodbye to it’s “work” day and welcoming the evening and those few fleeting moments of “in-between” make me feel both comforted and alive. I had been waiting for the perfect opportunity to wear this powder blue dress. I adore it’s vintage qualities and how it pairs with black tights and flats. A dinner with my love in the city seemed like just the right time to debut it.




I chose flats for two reasons; because they have a wonderfully 60’s flair and because they are comfortable for trotting around downtown. A great heel is hard to beat but flats with personality are surprisingly fashionable.





I love a dress that can be worn all season long. This little frock could easily be worn during the warmer months with a lovely sandal while also being perfect with tights layered underneath and a coat to keep warm. Having pieces like this is your wardrobe will save you both time and money (plus its one less thing to pack away in storage when the seasons change!).





This clutch is a dearly valued possession of mine. It was my Grandmother’s on my Mother’s side.

Both my Mother and her Mother (who this bag belonged to) have passed away and I have very few things, as far as material possessions, that were their’s. It is very precious to me and I really love that I am able to give it new life. Being able to carry a little piece of them in my life is a happy thought. I also think it is incredibly neat that it is an authentic 60’s piece working perfectly alongside modern things inspired by the same era.





A Brigitte Bardot inspired up-do just seemed right for our night-on-the-town. I prefer wearing my hair either back or up when my look has a neck detail like the tie on this dress. Speaking of neck details, it is a trend that reinstated itself in 2015 that I am pleased is continuing this year. I always look forward to new ways to add interest to an outfit and an eye-catching neck detail is a great way to do just that.

Our dinner was wonderful. We ate at a Cuban restaurant called Guantanamera. Cuban food is some of my favorite! It is both a joy and a struggle trying to decide where to eat when in NYC. There are so many incredible options that I always worry I’ll waste an opportunity on a so-so restaurant. Guantanamera was definitely not a disappointment. We ate entirely too much food and enjoyed authentic Cuban music while we dined (also, the cocktails were great!).

I am looking forward to re-styling this dress in the Spring. I have a few ideas for it. I love wearing it and I also think it is valuable to show how to wear things multiple ways. Most people obviously wear their clothing more than once (I know I do!) and knowing how to make things do double-time is a great talent to have!


Tie Neck Dress | Black Tights | J. Crew flats are sold out but here are similar Suede Flats | This clutch is, of course, vintage but here is a similar Structure Clutch and a Envelope Clutch

Photos by Sam Shooster

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