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The Bordeaux Hat

I wore this look the day we traveled to Philadelphia. We woke up early to frosty Denver air, loaded up our car and headed to the airport. While it takes some planning in advance, I love early morning flights. Getting up before the sun and watching it rise as we drive to the airport is just most exciting to me. Since it was a little chilly when we left, I made sure to wear my coat and a large blanket scarf. I purchased the top specifically for flying because it looks like a tailored sweater but it is actually a sweatshirt that just has a really nice cut. I wanted to arrive in Philly both looking good and feeling good. The shoes are easy-on-easy-off and I always end up taking my shoes off once I’m on the plane. Not to mention, having to slip them off in line at security. I also wanted flats that I could comfortably walk in around downtown to our hotel.





I love wearing (and especially traveling) in basic colors such as black, gray, and white. Since I always wear my hat on the plane instead of packing it, the color this bordeaux hat added was perfect for sprucing up the look just a bit.





Philadelphia is really a beautiful city. Downtown especially is incredible. The history alone is awe-inspiring and the craftsmanship and architecture of the buildings will have you yearning for a return to Colonial-style architecture.




We didn’t have to go far to find a great spot to shoot these pictures…this cathedral hall was just outside of our hotel.







I intentionally chose a handbag of mine with a cross body strap option. The strap snaps on allowing me to wear it comfortably across my body through the airport and then as an arm bag for dinner after removing the long strap. I especially recommend traveling with a bag like this if you have additional carry-ons you are traveling with or children. Having a free hand is a valuable thing while traveling.



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Funny story concerning this hat…at the end of our trip it was left in our rental car that we dropped off before flying back home to Colorado. I thought it was gone forever and was upset because I refused to purchase a new one to replace it. To my surprise, a couple of weeks after our trip the rental car company contacted Sam telling him that they found the hat and were shipping it to us straight away! I was very happy to have the hat back where it belonged (on top of my blonde head).

Layers are an essential part of life in Colorado and they are essential when traveling as well. The east coast has had a very mild season but it did cool off in the evenings. I was very happy to have a sweatshirt in a good weight plus a coat and scarf to bundle up in once the sun went down.

Right after taking these pictures Sam and I headed down the street to get a bite to eat. I was rocking this bordeaux hat and numerous people we passed on the street stopped to complement it. One of them was a very stylish man, also wearing a hat, who said he liked mine better, haha. I think Philly sometimes is misrepresented when it is said that the people there are “rude”. Yes, it is different than the South and the Midwest but you encounter rude people everywhere you go. In my experience, some of the nicest, most personable people one will ever meet are in the City of Brotherly Love.

Also, they really love hats.



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