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The Lace Skirt

While the weather is still a little chilly…or a lot depending on where your live…Spring is just around the corner. I love dressing for Spring because it inspires my favorite color palette. Blush pinks, creams, grays and blues…they all speak to me of Spring. Since the season is not quite upon us, I like to ease my wardrobe into it by combining my lighter colors and pieces with darker ones. A pale pink blouse and white skirt could be worn with nude heels once the weather warms up a bit but it works perfectly with rich brown boots until then.





I loved traveling with this lace skirt. It was easy to pack, didn’t take up much room and did not wrinkle. It is also extremely versatile. I love wearing this skirt with a gray tee shirt and black sandals in the summer.




I’ve recently mentioned that I am really enjoying neck details on dresses and blouses. A lot of stores are selling pieces with neck ties attached but you don’t have to replace your entire wardrobe to get the look, you can wear what you already have in your closet and update it by purchasing a thin silk neck scarf like the one I’m wearing. Instant update to the blouse already hanging in your closet!



I like that my sunglasses brought the brown from the boots into the look again. The rest of the outfit is so light that I like the second addition of a dark, earthy color to keep this look transitional from winter to Spring.

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While this outfit is great for illustrating a pre-spring look…I also think its perfect for a Valentine’s Day look. V-Day is just around the corner as well and I’ve started to think about what to wear. I like feeling festive but I also don’t want to wear something that screams “I’m a Valentine’s Day card!” Subtlety is sexiest in my opinion, at least when it comes to the holidays. For the 14th, I love wearing brown, black, or white and adding pink in. Or…I wear a lot of red. I do love red. Sam loves red. The best way to pull of a crimson shade is by wearing something quality and elegant. If it looks cheap and fits cheaply and its red…its no good. If you are shopping for something red “on the cheap”, opt for a darker shade of red instead of a brighter one. It’s an easy way to ensure you look beautiful and elegant.

I have worn this pink blouse numerous times on the blog in the last year, I can’t recommend adding a blush pink blouse to your wardrobe enough. If you’re worried about a pink blouse looking too “girly” then find one it a muted pink, that has brown undertones to it. It’s the grown up version of baby pink.

The skirt I’ve had for a while as well and, as I mentioned earlier, I love dressing it up and down. It looks great with my heels and with sandals during the warm season and then I love it with an oversized sweater and boots in the winter. Having pieces like the blouse and skirt that you can wear all year long is wonderful! It makes it easier to reinvent them and create new looks, not to mention just enjoying your favorite clothing all year long.

I will be posting even more specific Valentine’s looks soon but I especially wanted to get a pre-spring look up. If you’re anything like me, you’re ready to wear some lighter colors!


Lace Skirt on sale! | Pink Blouse on sale! | Brown Suede Boots | My scarf is vintage but here is a similar Cream Silk Scarf | The clutch is vintage as well but here is a current Silver Clutch that I like | Sunglasses

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