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When it comes to looking put together, there are a handful of pieces that the women who know how to build a polished outfit and wardrobe definitely have in their closets. These are the wardrobe pieces that are the basis of any classic outfit and will serve you over and over again for years. They are chameleon pieces that go from one outfit to the next, finishing the look off perfectly. Having these key pieces makes getting dressed and looking sharp easy and hassle free. Every woman needs these basics to rely on for a number of daily and special occasions. When you have them and know how to use them, it is easy to be confident that, if nothing else, you’re going to look stylish, intentional, and professional. Below I have broken down my top 5 pieces that “the polished woman” most definitely has in her closet…


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The Blazer

Blazers come in all shapes and sizes. Choose one that fits your stylistic preferences but that also has a pretty classic cut. Purchase one that is too trendy and it won’t last you nearly as long. While I’m all about having blazers in different colors, make sure you have one in a black or camel to always fall back on.

Layer it over a dress, a sleeveless top, a blouse. Dress jeans up with it, wear it with a skirt…the possibilities are endless with a fabulous blazer. It works for the office, church, girl’s night, date night, and really any other occasion you can think of.

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The Classic Blouse

Find a flattering fit and fabric and a color that is neutral and I can guarantee you will wear it often. I think a white blouse is crucial to a wardrobe but I also love a simple, neutral printed option like the one I am wearing to add some interest. A pop of print is just fun.

A great blouse is perfect under a blazer (or any jacket for that matter) or by itself with just about anything on bottom. I have worn blouses with short, overalls, harem pants…the overalls and harem pants have come and gone but the blouses have remained.

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The Black Bag

If you really despise black then you can replace this with a brown or beige bag but who seriously despises black? I don’t think I could wrap my head around that one…

A black, medium sized bag that is comfortable to carry is an absolute necessity for accessorizing a polished look. Find one in leather or a leather look-alike for maximum sophistication and make sure it has at least a little structure to it. A great black bag will be versatile enough to use for business and dinner and drinks.

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The Go-To Jeans

Denim is so specific to each individual but every woman needs a flattering pair of quality, medium to dark wash jeans. I have owned the ones I’m wearing here for about four years and I have worn them so frequently that there is a small hole forming at the stress point of the back pocket (it must be my mom butt…its too much for the jeans to handle 😉 Seriously though, I wear them constantly. I can’t imagine getting dressed on a regular basis without my favorite pair of jeans. Invest in a pair you really love and that are well made and you might be surprised how far a single pair of quality jeans will get you. Pair them with any of the pieces I’m listing here or virtually anything else in your closet…these are an absolute wardrobe must-have.

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The Black Heels

When it comes to black heels, the options are endless. I am all for a killer pair of highly stylized black stilettos (I love some fringe and tassels and all of that business) but only buy those after you’ve found the perfect pair of black leather pumps. Think elegant, sophisticated, sexy enough to wear on a date but subtle enough to wear to tea with your grandmother. It may sound like a “unicorn shoe” but it does exist and it is irreplaceable in your shoe collection. Still enjoy the black glitter platforms with the bow but know where they belong in your wardrobe.

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What I love about each and every one of these pieces is that they are very customizable to your individual sense of style. They will integrate well with what you already have in your closet and will round out your wardrobe wonderfully. They are easy to wear together for a classic polished look or with more “fun” or “loud” pieces to pull a stylish look together. Putting a piece of classic sophistication into a very stylish look instantly ups the chic.

While I do think all of these pieces are worth investing in, you don’t have to spend a fortune to find these. I have a white Forever 21 blazer that I adore and some of my favorite blouses and bags over the years were from H&M and Target. Just make sure you find one in a flattering cut and fit and that’s all that will really matter.

Stay away from flashy embellishments with these items…you need a basic blazer to wear over that sequined tank. Less is more when building this outfit staples…you can always add more flair into the look with your trendier pieces.

I hope this post has been helpful, I so enjoy the freedom of being able to walk into my closet and easily put together a look that is elegant and ready for anything. Everyone can have that freedom, even with a “small” wardrobe…you don’t need a ton of pieces…just the right ones!


Classic Blazer | Tie Neck Blouse | Tory Burch bag is no longer available but here is a similar Black Bag on sale! | Medium Wash Jeans | Black Leather Heels

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  • i just found your blog and totally love it! i love this whole look! i work so i always appreciate posts that focus on work appropriate outfits. and those shoes- i need them!!!!!
    xo, tara

    • Thank you so much! I love hearing that I’m actually helping! lol -Tal


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