The Spring Snow Day

It snowed today. Cold, wet, sticky snowflakes slowly fell to the ground and accumulated in wet slush. It was pretty, and bone chilling, and made me ache for spring. The silver lining to days like this is that I get to wear some of my winter outfits that I “ran out of time for”. This look is one that I have been wanting to share for a while and today did offer me an opportunity; which I seized without hesitation.




If my face (particularly my nose) look a bit pink…its because they were. My pale skin pinks up at the littlest nip of cold in the air. I just compare my red nose to Rudolph and move on with my life.



My drink of choice on a surprisingly chilly day?

-Half coffee half hot chocolate-



The red lipstick I’m wearing in these pics is from glo minerals. It is their red lip crayon in “pinup”. I put it through a lot today…smoothed it on early this morning and quickly put it through breakfast, tea, coffee, water, lunch, wind, snow, and dinner. I only needed to reapply it twice during the day and both times it really would have been okay if I hadn’t reapplied. All of that to say…its Talyah Eden approved.



It had just started to snow when we took these. I was getting frustrated with the white “fuzzies” that were appearing out of nowhere on my hat and then I realized they were snowflakes. Needless to say I’m a little behind on sleep, haha.



I am going to keep this short and sweet since I am quite tired and ready to surrender to sleep. Mainly, I want to point out this sweater. I purchased it at Evereve. The sweater itself is wonderful because of where it hits lengthwise. It isn’t short enough to be considered a “crop” sweater but is shorter than the average sweater length. Hitting just below the smallest part of the waist it pairs wonderfully with mid/high-rise jeans for a modern twist on a classic turtleneck sweater. I highly encourage you to keep an eye out when shopping for cuts like this as they are very current and flattering. As for Evereve (the store where I purchased the sweater and the black denim) I am obsessed. I shared some about this boutique at the very beginning of fall and I am happy to say that I still feel the same way about it. It is geared toward mums who wish to remain the stylish vixens that they are while providing a space that is easier to navigate (especially with kiddos in tow) that the average department store. Shopping there is always a fun experience.

I added the black felt hat to keep my little head warm and brought the ivory coat along for added warmth. Surprisingly, the sweater was so warm that I would quickly overheat with the coat on, even standing outside! Not sure why that is all that relevant to you…at least you know the sweater is warm I guess? (see, this is what happens when I blog too late at night, I ramble about insignificant things).

After photoshoots and meetings all morning, Sam and I stopped in at Black Eye Coffee in the Highlands for something to warm us up. Sam’s current java obsession is a Macchiato (the “real” kind…not the “Starbucks” variety). So he ordered that and I, in true Talyah form, asked the barista to appease my inner child by concocting a highly caffeinated hot chocolate drink coffee mixture goodness. What can I say, I love hot chocolate on cold days, even if spring is days away.

And speaking of spring…

I have not forgotten about the spring beauty and spring organization posts that I have promised you. I will be photographing both tomorrow (barring medical emergencies or natural disasters, hey you never know!) and will have the posts live quite soon. Sunday is, after all, the first official day of spring and I think its fitting to usher it in with a refreshed beauty regimen and a fabulously organized closet.

So, stay tuned for that and enjoy this cold weather while it lasts. Cozy up in a blanket with a book and some tea (or hot chocolate, tee hee) and soak in the last fragments of winter magic before it retreats until November.


Sweater is by lush and no longer available so here is a similar one | Black Flared Denim | Black Felt Hat | The Lady Day Coat is sold out at J. Crew until next season but here is a similar Nipped Waist Coat that’s on sale | The Coach boots are also sold out but here is a Black Suede Pair that I’m enjoying | Similar Black Bag | Gold Ring

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