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The Victorian Top

Some days are just magical. I’m really not sure exactly what it is that makes them so; it’s just that everything feels right, and special, and perfect. The day I wore this look was one of those days. Sam and I were in New York so immediately I was enjoying myself. I wanted to feel chic strolling down Madison Ave. so, of course, I chose black and white. We hopped into a cab bright and early headed to Ralph Lauren. It was just outside of their store that we took these pictures. I fell in love with the beautiful homes on this street, light, bright, and classic. After shooting this look we stopped in at Ralph Lauren. The store itself is absolutely stunning…I highly recommend seeing it next time you’re in New York. After that we went to one of my favorite places for tea and sweets…Laduree.



Sam has visited Laduree in Paris and brought treats back to me in the form of macarons. A few years ago when I heard that Laduree opened stores in the U.S. I was ecstatic. We sat in their adorable cafe’, sipping tea and eating eclairs before picking out macarons to take home with us.




Such a perfect day enjoying the city called for some of my favorite pieces so I opted for this sheer, high-neck blouse. I love the ruffle details on the neck and shoulders and the slit in the back with the tie is added wow factor. I just wore a nude undershirt with it since it is sheer. The black flares where great for being comfortable walking around while still looking stylish and I’m so glad I went with a white boot to add that pop of white peeking out of the black pants.





One of the things I love about fashion is that you can pick styles from various eras and make a cohesive look. Here I have 60’s-esque hair, 70’s flares and a blouse reminiscent of the late 1800’s. As a lover of history and fashion throughout the decades, I really enjoy creating new looks with such iconic styles.






This is legitimately my favorite look to date. I am so glad I have this memory of Sam and I together. One of my favorite things about blogging is that it encourages documenting our travels and special memories as a couple and as a family.

I think looking great, wearing something you adore is a special part of enjoying a magical day or experience. It feels like I am fully a part of the adventure, like I am playing an active role in a story and I’ve dressed the part. It just makes life and travel more fun.

When I’m packing and especially when I am shopping and editing my closet, I always try to ask myself if each article of clothing truly inspires me. Am I always excited to wear it or will it always be the last thing I grab when everything else is dirty? Obviously there are some things I own simply out of necessity but if I am going to spend money on clothes, however much or little it may be, I’m going to get something that I really love to wear. It helps days feel a little more magical.


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