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The White Mesh Swimsuit

There are three primary things about these pictures that I love; the first thing is that they were taken right after we swam in the open ocean with wild Spinner dolphins. This fact should explain my salty, scrunchy hair, tied into something resembling a knot, and lack of makeup. When on the ocean and swimming with dolphins I already feel beautiful and alive…who needs makeup? The second is the fact that they are unedited (except for adjusting the light a bit). I didn’t airbrush over any cellulite or slim my stomach…I’m fully committed to being real and authentic as much as possible. My third favorite thing is this swimsuit by Robin Piccone…read on to see why she is my new favorite swimsuit designer…




After Judah was born Sam gave me a black Robin Piccone one-piece swimsuit that is an all-time favorite of mine. I have worn it every summer and it accompanies me on every tropical trip I take. The last time I wore it in Puerto Vallarta, I posted pictures of me wearing it to Instagram and Robin Piccone herself commented on them and started following me. As someone who adores her designs it was really special to have her interact on such a personal level.



She asked if I would wear one of her suits on my trip to Hawaii and of course I said yes. I love white suits and the vintage meets modern style of this one is perfection.



Having a larger bust, it is sometimes hard to find swimsuits that I feel comfortable and “secure” in (if you know what I mean) and this suit provided both of those things. I never had to worry about accidentally “exposing” something…even while jumping off of a boat into the ocean and swimming as fast as possible with the dolphins…not something I could do in just any swimsuit! Haha.




I usually take a scarf with me to the beach/pool/anywhere with sun and water. It’s great for throwing around my shoulders to protect from the sun, wrapping around my head when my hair becomes out of control, and wrapping around my hips to grab food at a beach town restaurant.






I mentioned before that these pictures are essentially unedited. It is so important to me to not alter my body in any way while editing pictures. It is tempting sometimes…I’ll be honest. I love my body but I know it isn’t perfect. That’s the thing though, no one’s is perfect…it isn’t supposed to be. One day I will be in better shape…be more toned, whatever. But this is me right now. I want to show women what to wear on their real, natural bodies. I know its hard for me to walk into a store and see something on the model in the picture that looks beautiful only to try the same piece on and it looks entirely different on me (ahem Victoria’s Secret). It can be quite a blow to one’s self esteem.

We all go through different stages in life and right now I am primarily focused on adjusting to my new life circumstances and healing my body from my last pregnancy. I am starting to work out outside of physical therapy again but my focus is health and setting a good example for my children of what a healthy body looks like. My goal is not to look “perfect” (although I will never complain about a perkier booty 😉 ). I am thankful for the opportunity that I have to show people that even “skinny” girls don’t have perfect bodies and that’s exactly the way it should be. I will always and forever encourage my readers to wear what they feel comfortable and confident in and not worry about what other people think of their bodies.

The day I wore this swimsuit was one of the coolest days of my life. Swimming with wild dolphins has been a life goal of mine since I was a child. I have dreamed of it for years. When my in-laws offered to watch the kids so Sam and I could do it together I actually cried. There is very little that makes me feel more alive than sitting in a boat, flying across the ocean. I sat on the side of the boat and let my foot hit the waves as the boat bounced over them. The spray was warm as it hit my face and the wind smelled like salt and life. Everytime the small boat lifted off the water my heart rose with it. I remember just closing my eyes and taking it all in; the smells, the sounds, the feelings against my skin, so that I would have it ingrained into my memory forever. I remember thinking how blessed I am and thanking God for all that He has given me. The last thing I was worried about was my body…or how I looked in my swimsuit. I was alive, free, beautiful and living a lifelong dream. That is how we should live our lives, not by wasting time worried about whether or not our “pudge” is showing, but by enjoying the gift of our bodies and what that gift enables us to do.

So thank you Robin Piccone for inspiring me to wear this suit on such a special day and for inspiring me to put it all out there without hesitation. My body will forever be changing as I age, and change but the memories of what I did with it will always be there and will always be what matters.


The swimsuit is only available in stores but here another white Robin Piccone Suit I love and its one sale! | Scarf is no longer available but here is one I love in similar colors Blue and White Scarf | Sunglasses

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