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Dress is Old Navy and sold-out but similar here: 12345 | Hat is J. Crew and sold-out but similar here: 123 | Bag is Tory Burch and sold-out but similar here: 12, 345 | Sandals are Tory Burch and sold-out but similar here: 123 | Sunglasses | Lips
Lately I have been dreaming of traveling. I took a quick trip to Oklahoma but that wasn’t quite enough to soothe the travel itch. I guess since wanderlust is on the brain, the idea of exploring new places has influenced a lot of my recent looks.
I do love that there are so many wonderful places right here in Denver to enjoy and explore, but there is something extra special about being in a city or place away from home. During warm weather, my favorite look for wandering around a new town is a breezy dress and a sunhat. Add some comfortable sandals and a light cross body bag and you have the perfect ensemble for enjoying a new city. It looks great in just about any setting and it keeps you cool. Bring a light cardigan if you are worried about getting a little chilly and drape it over your shoulders or tie it around your waist while you aren’t wearing it (and yes, it is perfectly acceptable to tie a jacket or sweater around your waist…just give it a little slouch and don’t tie it too tight!).
I purchased this dress a couple of years ago from Old Navy. I have to say, Old Navy is an excellent place to find affordable summer dresses without sacrificing style. I actually bought this while I was pregnant and then I nursed in it after Aya was born…talk about being worth it’s weight in gold!
My favorite hat that I’m wearing here is no longer available at J. Crew but I’ve linked to some similar black hats and if you would like to add a blue ribbon (or any color for that matter) it is easy to do…just hot glue or tie it on! You can find beautiful ribbon at any local craft store. Also, if you can’t find a ribbon to suit your fancy, go to a fabric store and pick out a fabric you like. Cut it into a strip that is about an inch wider than you want the band to be. Fold the edges over about a quarter of an inch along the long sides and iron them crisp. Then hot glue it on and you have a unique hat that you designed! I do love shopping but there is something extra special about wearing something that you helped create (I’m starting to feel inspired to bust out the sewing machine).
Back to traveling…
we did recently book some upcoming trips that will make for some beautiful pictures! They are a couple of months away but I have to admit, I am already outfit planning for them! ha. There are a few travel inspired things that I have recently discovered (think shiny things…okay fine, it’s jewelry) that I can’t wait to add to my wardrobe and wear to my super exotic destinations! (they aren’t actually all that exotic).
I’m starting to feel the desire to ramble endlessly so I should get back to doing something productive.
One last thing before I go!
I am putting together a Q and A post so any questions that you have for me…now is the time to ask them!
Comment below or on my Instagram with your fashion, style, beauty and lifestyle questions and I’ll do my best to answer them in the upcoming post.
I love to interact with my readers and am very much looking forward to this!
~What is your favorite “exploring” outfit?~


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