2016 Resolutions

When it comes to New Year’s Resolutions, growth and progress are my goals. By that I mean that I think we often set very specific resolutions and then when we fail to keep them perfectly, we give up, feel defeated, and end up worse off than we were before.
I just don’t do it that way. For me, my resolutions are of course things that I want to work on and change about my life, but I go in with the expectation that it will not be perfect. That progress and growth are what matter, not immediate, inhuman change.
Now that I’ve said that…I give you my resolutions:


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The overall thought behind how I want to live is year is “Intentionally”. Yeah, it is a bit of a trendy buzzword but I think it is so popular because we actually long for the things that come with intentionality. Most of what I want different about this next year does come down to making my daily decisions with more focus and with a specific desired outcome. Less pressure to get EVERYTHING done, and less letting my days slip away without my being intentional about what happened in it. I want to take away something positive from each day that was a result of my decision making. For example, if it is a crazy day with the kids, I want the end of the day to arrive and feel accomplished because I chose to be a great Mom and simply meet the emotional needs of my children. I decide that is what the day is for and make decisions throughout the day to be exactly what my children need…even if I don’t accomplish everything on my to-do list. I want to be more intentional about what I put in my body, what I spend my money on, and what and with whom I spend my time on and with.

To break down some of my specific resolutions:



1. Drink More Water

This one is pretty self explanatory. Our bodies are primarily made of water and it is necessary for feeling good and being healthy. It is so easy to become dehydrated living at such a high altitude and my busy schedule makes it even easier to forget to drink water. This results in me feeling chronically fatigued and battling dehydration headaches throughout the day. As you can imagine…that isn’t exactly doing me any favors when it comes to my overall mood and productivity.

So, I am going to be more “intentional” about chugging the H2O. A much welcomed side effect? Drinking water helps lose extra fat. I aim for 60-90 oz. a day for a healthy amount of water consumption for my size. Just remember…too much of anything is bad thing and that includes water!



2. Less Screen-Time

The majority of my technology interaction comes from my phone and the runner up is the t.v. I love being involved on social media but the last thing I want is to miss out on valuable and fleeting time with the people in my life because I was staring at my phone screen.

I have noticed that my phone is pretty much always by my side and I think that needs to change. Instead of carrying with me from room to room, I am turning up the ringer volume and leaving it in a designated spot for most of the day. Also, I have turned off notifications from all of my social media apps. When I glance over at my phone and see a list of notifications it makes it very difficult to not pick it up and check it all out. Instead, I am ditching the notifications and waiting until I decide it is a good time to check up on everything. My husband and children are so much more important than anyone or anything I might miss on social media.

When it comes to t.v. I really just want to read more. I have always loved to read but I forget to make time to do it.  At the end of the day when I am exhausted, the natural inclination is to turn on the television and zone out. While I will still be enjoying some of my favorite shows (I’m a serious X-Files addict, cough), I will be spending a little less time watching them and a little more time doing what I actually prefer…reading.



3. Give Up Fear and Worry

Fear and worry offer us nothing good or useful. Nothing. Seriously. Now fear is different from wisdom and discernment which are valuable and important things; I’m not talking about that. I am talking about fear, anxiety, and worry. They permeate our daily lives and all they do is rob us of our joy. They remove us from the moment, distract us from actually finding solutions, and distance us from the heart of God.

The opposite of fear is love. God is love, therefore the opposite of fear is God. Fearing and worrying go directly against how God asks us to live. It thins out our faith to the point that we forget to be faithful in the challenges and miss out on the truth, joy, rest, and provision God wants to give us. For what? Fear and worry gain us nothing. Instead of giving in to fear and worry, I will choose to trust God to handle whatever situation arises.

This is something I have been working on changing for a while now but it is a journey and it is one that I am determined to grow in even more this year. God has revealed such truth to me concerning these things and giving them up is so freeing!



4. Rely More On My Community

We have community around us for a reason and it is important that we use it. I sometimes struggle with remembering this. I actually forget to rely on my community (my friends, supporters, leaders, and mentors) for friendship, companionship, help, advice, and support. It is silly really. I have been given some truly amazing people in my life, some close in proximity and some far away, and to not use the relationship they offer is not only detrimental to myself, but to them as well. We are each created to contribute things to other people and we are deprived of that when no one needs us. Being in community is good for everyone involved.

Here’s to more coffee dates and GNO’S in 2016!



5. Spend More Time Outside

This one is pretty simple and falls under an umbrella of “do more of what inspires you”.

It’s good for your health.

It’s good for your soul.

It’s good for your calling and destiny.

The kids love being outside and I love being outside.

Need I say more?



6. Let Go of Perfectionism

Reading “Let Go” definitely started you singing “Let it Go” from Frozen in your head didn’t it? Oh…that was just me? Well…moving on.

Perfectionism…its dumb.

It doesn’t exist.

It’s a lie; an illusion carefully crafted to distract us, to keep us chasing after something we will never attain. Yet another thing that steals our peace, joy, life, current opportunities, relationships, self-esteem, and so much more. I’ll be honest, this one is hard for me. Growing up in the South, there was a very distinct picture of what the “perfect Southern trophy wife” looked like and unfortunately for a long time I chased after it. (for the record, each region has it’s own version of this, it isn’t just the South). It was stupid. It isn’t who I am and it isn’t who I was created to be. Not to mention, it isn’t possible.

We live in an imperfect world and to try to live perfectly in an imperfect world is futile. Perfectionism is entirely relative anyway (now I’m getting philosophical). Instead of chasing after this white whale of an expectation, I’m choosing to let it go. People who care about us don’t ask us to be perfect and we should ask it of ourselves. Ask God what He is asking of you and focus on that. I’m going to be intentional about doing the best with what I have and just letting go of the rest. Usually, releasing ourselves from our own expectations is the hardest part.  Also, its okay to let others see that you aren’t perfect. Another really difficult one for me. They don’t have it all together either and when you paint them a picture of your “perfection” all you’re really doing is potentially damaging their self esteem. If someone can’t understand that you aren’t perfect, then they are dealing with some perfectionism demons of their own…it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you.

I want to point out that I think I am already doing a really good job with this resolution because I’m struggling with the fact that I have 6 resolutions instead of 5 or 10 so be proud of me people!

Something I want to leave you with…

I just shared a bunch of pictures of me sitting in my clean, put-together parlor.

Yes, my parlor is “currently” clean and somewhat “put-together”.

Here is a picture of what my living room that the kids have been playing in looks like:


Sam and I usually clean this room up every evening before bed and we usually have the kids pick up their toys before naps and bedtime but this is what this room looked like after the kids played in it while I took pictures in the parlor.

See…perfection doesn’t exist…and if it didn’t it wouldn’t be very much fun.

Happy New Year


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