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If you are not a blogger, then I apologize…this may do absolutely nothing for you, haha.
Blogging is such a huge part of my life (obviously) so I thought I would share a bit about what my blogging process looks like!










Top | Jeans | Bag is Kate Spade and sold out but similar here: 12345 | Watch | Earrings | Bracelets: 12 | Ring | Lips are Kate Spade in Precocious Pink
If you are not a blogger, then I apologize…this may do absolutely nothing for you, haha.
Blogging is such a huge part of my life (obviously) so I thought I would share a bit about what my blogging process looks like!
How I start does depend on what type of post it is; since I primarily do fashion/style posts, I will focus on that style, but the principles and process can be applied to a variety of types of posts.
1. Inspiration
I always start with something that inspires me.
It can be a piece of clothing, a bag, a piece of jewelry, etc. or a color palette, place or story. I have even been inspired by things like songs and characters. Nature and flowers are also great sources of inspiration! Whatever it is that inspires you….start there.
2. Style
Once I’ve found my source of inspiration, I start to style the post. With an outfit post, this looks like styling the rest of the outfit and choosing a complementing location for the photo shoot. For example, if I am feeling inspired by a particular skirt, then I choose remaining pieces for my look that keep in line with the feel of the skirt. I mix in various colors and patterns to create a story from my look. I think about what I would wear that particular outfit to do; bike around the city, explore a charming town, sip a mocha at a coffee shop…you get the idea. I then decide on any “props” that would accompany the look or the outing. It is great when I can blog an actual outing or experience because all of these elements are already built in!
I collect the entire look and props, and decide on my location.
3. Photo-shoot
Prior to the day of my photo-shoot, I assemble my look or the focus of my shoot. If I am traveling to a location for a shoot then I do a last minute once-over to make sure everything is together and packed away. The back of my car on photo-shoot day is always very pretty and quite messy! haha.
I meet with my photographer or photograph the post myself if it is a product that I am blogging and we get to work. We try to incorporate a little bit of storytelling into our shoots. I love to see posts that feed into my imagination just a bit.
If I am photographing product, a recipe, etc. then I arrange everything out in the right setting and light and click away!
4. Edit
Next comes all of the editing which usually entails changing the contrast and lighting just a bit. I try to keep my editing to a minimum, especially when it comes to my body. Authenticity goes a long way in my book. Nobody has a “perfect” body (what is perfect anyway?) so I just enjoy the realities of life as much as I can and share them with you in all of their glory, haha.
Once everything is edited and the images are sized correctly, it is on to…
5. Writing
You can have stunning images for your post but I think taking the time to write makes all the difference in the world. I don’t always have the time that I would like to dedicate to fleshing out the writing for each post but I try my best and am still learning!
I decide on a topic or theme; sometimes it is describing my outfit and the process I took to curate it. Sometimes it is more of a tutorial on how to mix high and low-end pieces. Sometimes it is of a more personal nature. Once I decide on the topic, I set to work writing the post, occasionally scrolling back through the images to keep my inspiration flowing.
6. The last little bit
After everything is written, I obviously proofread (although I do miss errors so don’t judge me too harshly!) and make sure that my content is clear and authentic to my personality. I link to any necessary sources and read through one last time before publishing.
7. Social Media
The last step is sharing my post to social media. I typically select one of my favorite pictures from the post and add it to my Instagram feed and onto Facebook, Twitter and whichever other social media forum that is in the limelight. I always mention where to find my blog link so that readers can easily locate the post.
Now you have the very basics of what my job looks like!
There is more that goes into it such as planning/scheduling out posts, facilitating and designing collaborative posts, curating my wardrobe, researching current trends, etc, etc. It is a lot of work but I love it! I would love to hear any great tips or tricks you have picked up concerning your blogging process and I love to answer questions. You can always comment below or email me if you have questions!
~Are you a blogger? Leave your blog link in the comment section and I’ll check it out!~

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