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How To Take Kids to New York: Part I

You might ask yourself, “What on earth possessed her to take two very young children to New York City?”
Well, I’ll tell you…they did. If you’ve seen The Secret Life of Pets, then you know it is set in “The Big Apple”. Judah and Aya watching that movie started a barrage of questions about New York which Sam and I were happy to answer and they haven’t stopped asking to visit since.

Fashion Travel

The Victorian Top

Some days are just magical. I’m really not sure exactly what it is that makes them so; it’s just that everything feels right, and special, and perfect. The day I wore this look was one of those days. Sam and I were in New York so immediately I was enjoying myself. I wanted to feel chic strolling down Madison Ave. so, of course, I chose black and white. We hopped into a cab bright and early headed to Ralph Lauren. It was just outside of their store that we took these pictures.

Fashion Travel

The White Mesh Swimsuit

There are three primary things about these pictures that I love; the first thing is that they were taken right after we swam in the open ocean with wild Spinner dolphins. This fact should explain my salty, scrunchy hair, tied into something resembling a knot, and lack of makeup. When on the ocean and swimming with dolphins I already feel beautiful and alive…who needs makeup? The second is the fact that they are unedited (except for adjusting the light a bit).