5 Ways to Survive the Day

You know those days where everything is just a struggle?  There may not even be a “good reason” for it but it’s just how it is…you feel yourself lagging and all of your energy is simply gone. We all have them. The good news is that there is something you can do! There typically is something causing you to feel blaze’ and even if you don’t know what it is, trying some or all of these steps often fixes the problem.






For some of us, these days are Mondays. For me, it usually happens toward the end of the week when I’m just plain exhausted and both my energy and drive are waning.

Sometimes I just lack motivation, sometimes I feel lazy, and sometimes I feel emotionally overwhelmed and stressed out. This happens when I’m working and when I’m home with the kids. There are varying reasons that I have days like this; life is stressful. I don’t really want to get off on a tangent talking about stress though because “stress” and how to manage it is an entire topic of its own!

What I do want to address is how I keep myself calm, collected and productive on those blah days when I’m feeling a little “off”.



First things first, if I feel overly tired and drained…I down some H2O. Often I am dehydrated and don’t know it which causes fatigue. Once I feel tired it can be easy to get down on myself and feel frustrated with myself when all I really need is some water. Even if I still need more to get me going, hydrating myself is an excellent place to start. So, always start there. This is true of little headaches too! So, even before reaching for caffeine, drink some water and go from there.


I always try to start the day out with quiet time for prayer and meditation. It doesn’t always happen and there is a marked difference when I don’t do it. As a believer, starting my day centered in the Holy Spirit gets everything going on the right foot. Science has shown that spending even 5-10 minutes at the start of your day quieting and focusing your mind is extremely beneficial. Taking a 5-10 minute break for “quiet time” has also saved me in the midst of extremely stressful situations. Sometimes this looks like locking myself in the bathroom for a bit to breath and slow my heart rate down while the kids are losing it in other parts of the house, ha. It does help though, just get somewhere quiet and focus and calm your breathe and thoughts.


Sometimes, I just need to dance. It sounds cliche’ but a mini dance party can really kickstart your motivation. It can be whatever style you choose but turn up the music and get moving. I prefer upbeat music that gets my heart pumping when I want to get things done. Just 5-10 minutes of getting down can get you back in the game.


Eat some protein. I always keep a bag of nuts in my car (cashews are my favorite but not as protein packed as almonds). That way, when I’m feeling low when out-and-about, I can pop a handful (or four) of nuts and energize my body. Protein is essential for providing your body with fuel (energy) and there are many great  forms of protein. Beyond the obvious meats, beans, (nuts as I already mentioned), soy beans, chickpeas (hummus), eggs, dairy, and quinoa are all sources of protein. If you’re feeling sluggish, your body may just need the proper food. I am not a dietician or doctor and cannot tell you what nutrients you are lacking, just use common sense and make sure you eat protein throughout the day to sustain your energy levels.


Do something that inspires you. For me, reading books or magazine articles about organizing really inspires and energizes me to get up and get moving (especially when it comes to cleaning and organizing). If I’m struggling with something blog related then browsing a few of my favorite blogs will often give me a kick in the pants. It can be looking at artwork that gets your creative juices flowing. Whatever it is that inspires you, take a few minutes to do it…it’s worth the 10-15 minutes on your computer or flipping through a magazine.

While none of these may seem all that mind blowing, they really do work! These are my fallback methods of getting through a particularly difficult day. Being productive can be hard sometimes and I really do hope these help!

How about you, do you have any favorite tips to make it through a stressful day? Leave them in the comment section!


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  • Hey girlfriend!! I would love to hear some tips on exercise and healthy eating if you have it. Love it!

    • Yes! I would love to share some! Thank you so much for the suggestion.

      xo tal


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