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Spring Refresh: 70’s Color Scheme

There are some trends that are guaranteed to always be a part of spring fashion. White, pastels, and florals are all trends that are spring staples. There is one trend that is not “ordinary” for this season and I am loving it! You’ve probably seen me mention that the 60’s and 70’s are making a serious comeback and the “spring refresh” I’m sharing in this post is straight out of the 70’s. It’s been all over the runways and worn by top bloggers and fashion icons and…it’s super simple. Seriously, you probably already have pieces in your closet that embody it…




You may have figured it out from the pictures; the trend I am so excited about is a color scheme from the 70’s. I’m talking rusts, burnt oranges, creams, and dark, navy blues.





Typically these hues are reserved for fall and I think it is extremely refreshing to add them into a spring wardrobe. There are so many beautiful ways to wear and incorporate them into looks. As I said before, some of these colors are pretty common and probably already in your closet! Navy pants, blouses, and jackets get an instant update when paired with browns and burnt orange tops and skirts. It’s a classic look but one that is often limited to cooler temperatures. One great thing about adding a few pieces to your wardrobe in these colors is that they will get you well into fall and winter. I love navy especially as well as browns and creams and I love wearing them together and with your “typical” spring colors; navy looks great with blush pink and so does this orange!

Go ahead, head to the back of your closet and see what you already have in line with this trend! Don’t see anything? H&M and Asos have pieces in these colors and if you’re working on a super strict budget…check out your local secondhand store. Since these are such classic colors, there’s a good chance you can find gently used clothing perfect to refresh your closet!


Similar Orange Dress | Trench | Navy Bag | Brown Boots

The dress I’m wearing is H&M and only available in stores so here are a few similar ones I like (all $100 or less!)

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