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Spring Refresh: The Floral Blouse

Spring is showing her sweet, pretty self here in Denver. I hear birds out my window while I work and can smell the scent of new growth on the breeze while I enjoy the sunshine. I know that soon the trees will begin to sprout brave little buds and delicate blades of grass will begin their journey through the soil. We all know that Spring is a time of renewal and re-growth in nature but how does that translate to our lives? I will be unpacking this in a variety of applications over the next few weeks. I will be covering everything from Springtime beauty to organization to lifestyle but in true Talyah Eden form…I’m starting with fashion.



There are obviously many carefully selected articles of clothing in your closet. It isn’t feasible or realistic to replace your entire wardrobe each season (or every year). The goal isn’t to always be wearing a “new” wardrobe, but to intentionally curate a closet that is wearable, inspiring, and a current reflection of your personality.




There are a handful of items I like to add to my Spring wardrobe. I do buy at least a couple of new pieces that I love each season to refresh my closet. It’s always nice when entering a new time to have a couple of things that you are excited to wear. It gives new life to the pieces that you’re used to wearing; the new one inspires new looks with your current wardrobe.

One of my favorite things to mix in with my Spring closet is a feminine floral blouse.



A lot of people are intimidated to buy prints which is completely understandable. Prints often follow the current trends and don’t hold up to the changing fashions over the course of a few years. If you try to stay away from buying things that are “too trendy”, know that you can still buy prints! The truth is, floral prints of some kind are always “in” during the Spring (and there’s no “rule” saying you can’t wear it all season long). Ultimately…find a print or floral pattern that you love. I have found that I gravitate toward prints that have stayed the test of time…I like prints reminiscent of the late 1800’s and the 60’s and 70’s. Those styles of prints are most in line with my personal sense of style. Its obviously a huge bonus when those styles are “trending” but I always love to wear them…even if they aren’t. The good news? They’re classic, and that makes all the difference in the world. Ultimately, pick a print that you LOVE and that inspires you. As for the blouse itself, I enjoy thin, delicate fabrics with feminine details and a flattering cut. What prints do you like? Don’t know? Spend some time at the mall or online researching just that. What grabs your attention and makes you feel something? Does one inspire you to wear it in an outfit more than another?



If you’re new to prints, find an inexpensive option (that you still like) and try it out for a bit. I am a neutrals girl but the right print blouse (or skirt, or dress, etc) instantly takes basics from boring to blah (I feel like that line was definitely used by Stacey and Clinton). It’s so easy to grab a great pair of jeans, simple (but killer) boots and throw on a floral blouse to add interest. It’s the same concept as the Textured Sweater post from last month.

With that in mind, the print you choose needs to be in hues that can be worn with the basics that are already in your closet. This isn’t difficult, just be sure to give what you will be wearing it with some thought before you commit to it. When I bought the top that I’m wearing here, I had these boots in mind as well as another pair of boots that I have,  along with numerous pairs of heels. Off the top of my head, I can think of three of my skirts this blouse will work with, three pairs of pants, all of my jeans and numerous pairs of shorts. That’s a lot of “old” pieces that can be refreshed with one purchase. Pretty awesome right?





In another post I will share about organizing your closet so you can effectively curate and wear your closet. Until then, definitely be thinking about what pieces will be most “refreshing” to your wardrobe. I’ll also be sharing the rest of the items I always add into my Spring refresh. Do some research as to what you like. As you go forward and purchase things to update your closet, do you like sporty-chic, sleek modern silhouettes, or more classically feminine details? It may be a little of each, which is great! But shopping is always easiest and most effective when you understand what you truly like. Don’t be afraid to take some time really exploring what you do (and don’t) like.

After all, isn’t Spring the perfect time to become more “you” than you’ve been? I love taking Spring as an opportunity to re-evaluate the lifestyle I wan’t to live and the clothing I want to wear.

Just remember…it’s should always be fun!


Floral Blouse | Jeans | Boots | Bag | Sunglasses





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