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The Perfect Cream Sweater

Have you ever had that moment when you saw a piece of clothing and you were immediately drawn to it because it so perfectly communicated an aspect of your personality? Well that was the moment I had when I saw this sweater. I know it sounds a little dramatic but you wouldn’t think so if you had experienced alongside me the frustration of finding a perfect, beige sweater. Of course…I had to fly to Hawaii (the Big Island to be exact) to finally find it.



I found it a few days into our trip while exploring the small town of Wailea. We stopped for a bite to eat at Hawaiian Style Cafe (order the Macadamia Nut Pancakes!) and then did a little shopping in the quaint boutiques.



I saw this sweater, and another cream sweater jacket, and knew I had found a piece of my wardrobe that was missing. Sam actually made fun of me that the only things I purchased for myself in Hawaii were sweaters.




(this is one of the many faces you might get if you tell Aya to say “cheese”)



I paired the sweater with my favorite linen pants the very next morning. We ate breakfast at our resort (The Hilton Waikoloa Village) and since the mornings in December are slightly chilly, it was the perfect outfit before slipping into a swimsuit later in the day.




This look called for simple silver sandals and soft makeup. I added a Louis Vuitton scarf to my blush pink bag to tie everything together. It also came in handy later as a head scarf while sitting in the sun.




A chunky neck sweater such as this truly is a wardrobe staple. While they are great in any color, be sure to have a basic hue or two to make the most of it. Get one in a natural, breathable fiber and you’ll be surprised how versatile it is in both warm and cool weather. I wore it later in the week over a swimsuit while we were on a boating excursion. It was perfect to give me a quick warm-up after crawling out of the water.

These white linen pants have been favorites of mine for, I think, five years now. I bought them online at Victoria’s Secret (I”ll link to a similar pair below) and I am so glad I purchased them when I did. They are the one article of clothing that has accompanied me on every trip I have ever taken to the Hawaiian Islands.

You can never go wrong investing in linen pieces…especially if you live in or travel to sunny places. Linen is timeless and will always be en Vogue; just be sure to buy a piece with a classic and flattering cut and you’re set!


Cream Sweater | White Linen Pants on sale | Silver Sandals | Blush Tote | Louis Vuitton scarf is no longer available but here is a similar Cream LV Scarf

Photos by Sam Shooster

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